IRRESISTIBLE-X is a streamed six-week exotic pole performance course


serving up those sizzling-hot performance skills

you WON'T get from pole class!

Planning to perform?  Planning to compete? 


Want to STAND OUT from the crowd with your next exotic performance?

Wish you could gain BULLETPROOF CONFIDENCE onstage without having to log hundreds of hours, wear yourself out, or waste time re-inventing the wheel??

Good news.  You can!

Because there's one thing that's better than just experience:  Learning from someone who's already got the experience, made the mistakes, and can save you some struggle, sis! 


Bring your talent and motivation, and get ready to OWN. THE. DAMN. STAGE!

Join world & national exotic competition champions and professional exotic performers, for six weeks of best-kept secrets, stagecraft magic, and transformational insight & growth on YOUR exotic performance journey.



Irresistible students have the opportunity to schedule 6 private, 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions during the course -- one per week!

These sessions will provide individualized support with the weekly lessons and homework, and help each student achieve his/her personal exotic performance goals.


The kickoff session [live-streaming] will be on Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 8:00pm US Eastern!

Replays of live sessions are available online next-day and throughout the course. 

4+ hours of Work-at-your-pace lessons available immediately and throughout the course.

Private coaching sessions scheduled via Google docs.

WEEK 1:  LIVE, Tuesday Feb. 4th + Private coaching, FB support

WEEK 2:  Tuesday, Feb. 11th + Private coaching, FB support

WEEK 3:  Work at your pace + Private coaching, FB support

WEEK 4:  Work at your pace + Private coaching, FB support

WEEK 5:  Work at your pace + Private coaching, FB support

WEEK 6:  Work at your pace + Private coaching, FB support

Three full hours of private coaching (30 minutes each week or 1 hour every other week) -- scheduled 1-on-1

Facebook Group support


I am SOOOO GLAD you asked!

We have three incredibly talented instructors coming to you LIVE with their top-secret tips, best-loved lessons, most intimate insights, and the tools YOU need in order to



Professional exotic dancer * HBIC * Cat lady


Farley is a professional exotic dancer, a published writer, and is the founder and CEO of Home Pole Studios, the world leader in removable pole dance floors.  She loves to perform and teach, and has 18+ years of combined experience in theatre, dance, art, classroom teaching, and public speaking.  Her favorite things to teach include exotic spin pole, handstands & headstands, floorwork, classique style, and theatricality/stage craft.


AKA, The Pole Comedian * 2019 North American Showgirl Grand Champion

Amy has dedicated her pole journey to bringing laughter, silliness, and delight to her audience. She travels internationally teaching, performing, and competing.  With a BA in Theatre and an MS in Entertainment Business, Amy brings a unique set of knowledge to the pole world.  Whether she’s being sexy or being silly, she is focused on improving her craft, bringing authenticity and joy to the stage, and inspiring her students to embrace their unique style as they work toward their goals.  Amy is happy to be pole dancing across the globe, bringing everything she has learned into one cohesive extravaganza!  
Remember, kids: there are a million ways to be sexy, but there's only one of YOU.  

Dani Steel

Miss Exotic World 2019 * Miss Exotic US Newcomer 2019

I'm a southern girl at heart, living out my dreams in Las Vegas. I grew up in Memphis, TN, and started figure skating at the age of 7.  I moved to LA in 2010, and then to Vegas in 2013 where I worked at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club. I had a genuine interest in pole, so I started taking classes and realized what my potential was in the industry.  Being an athlete nearly my whole life prepared me for the stage, and entertaining the audience and being on stage is truly my passion. 

I'm also an instructor and pole coach, teaching at two studios in Las Vegas and at my home studio.  I enjoy spending time with my pug, Lily, and hanging out/training with other local dancers in the industry. Teaching is another true passion of mine and it's something I constantly strive to get better at. I want to push my students to see their true potential -- confidence is key! 


Tuition is $895 for this six-week course.  Now through Saturday, Feb. 1st, we're offering registration for just $495.

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You can even break it into two payments if you'd rather.


7+ hours of live + work-at-your-pace professional instruction

180 minutes (3 full hours) of private coaching

Facebook Group support + feedback