What you'll get:

10+ hours of pro instruction on

every aspect of stage performance craft

that can make or break a show,


no one wants you to know about

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Put another way, you're getting 10+ hours of instruction that you cannot get ANYWHERE ELSE, by some of the world's most renowned pole performance artists ...

on YOUR schedule.)

** Weekly lesson worksheets, homework, reusable planning resources + more
** Access to our private Facebook group exclusively for participants — discussion, extra support, accountability + bonus material



1-ON-1 COACHING along the way


Greta Pontarelli, eight-time world champion pole dancer, professional aerialist, athlete + stunt performer, international instructor
Heidi Coker, international pole dance champion, world-renowned instructor + pole artist
Karley Cottrell, professional Las Vegas-based aerial performer, XPole / Xpert Master Aerial Trainer

Amy Rosvally "The Pole Comedian", international instructor, championship-winning pole performer, and viral video star

Lucky, owner of Lucky's Room in Cary, NC, and veteran choreographer & coach
Lead Instructor Farley Lynn, professional award-winning exotic dancer, experienced teacher, public speaker and performer, HBIC @homepolestudios and @elitepoledancesolutions
… and more



Stage Presence:  How to OWN the Show
Authenticity:  Create your identity, Find your message, Honor your purpose
How to Stand Out: 
Creating characters that resonate
Your body is the brush, the stage is the canvas: 
Selecting music + movements that tell a story
Systems that Support Creativity: 
How to practice better, not just more
Make them Put Their Phone Down:  Connection,
Authenticity, Style & Theatricality
Fill Your Cup (You can’t pour from an empty one)
Effective Self-Critique & Coaching
Like a Boss:  Preventing and Addressing Mishaps Onstage
Jedi Mind Tricks for Pole Performers

… and more

Come Away With:

Systems of Transformation to take your game from GOOD to GREAT ... and from GREAT to LIMITLESS


A FULLY-developed performance concept, story, theme, character(s), key moves, and action plan -- just add rehearsals!

Essential knowledge, expertise, and skills from world champions & professional pole performers with a collective 130+ years of experience in dance, performance, theater, and instruction

'Performance life skills' & reusable planning resources that will serve you throughout your performance career